You Can Quit! How To Stop Smoking During Pregnancy


Most women want to stop smoking during pregnancy but don’t know how. Drawing from research-based, positive approaches, this interactive program not only reminds pregnant moms why they should stop smoking, it actually gives them a way to quit. In fact, in just 15 minutes your clients will have their quit plans in hand! With YOU CAN QUIT you will: Use peer modeling to motivate clients; Help clients create a personal cessation plan; Encourage clients to stay smoke-free for life. You Can Quit is a one-stop, all-inclusive package. Viewers will quit right along with Elena, a 22-year-old pregnant woman. After she shares each part of her quit plan, viewers are given the opportunity to work on their own plans using the follow-along handouts included in the Facilitator’s Guide.
High School – Adult            18 min.           2005            DVD-3091

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