Wise Owl’s Drug Safety KIT (cc)


Based on effective, age-appropriate strategies for K-3 drug education, this curriculum carefully introduces young students to the concepts of healthy decisions related to drugs and medicines. Three videos use a mix of live-action scenes and colorful animation featuring Wise Owl and his niece Wendy. An interactive format uses video pauses that allow viewers to share ideas and discuss what characters should do next. The kit also contains three colorful posters that visually reinforce the program’s key messages as well as a Teacher’s Resource Book with cooperative learning games and illustrated hands-on activities. Each of the three videos relates to a different drug safety question:
Is That Good for Me?
In this video, viewers learn how choices—such as what to eat and when to go to bed—can affect our minds and bodies, either positively or negatively. After Wendy and Wise Owl illustrate the benefits of healthy decisions, viewers are asked to consider a scene where alcohol is present. This introduces the concept of dangerous substances like alcohol and tobacco. The positive effects of healthy decisions are also related to social skills and friendship.
What Is a Drug?
This video introduces the term drug and specifically relates it to alcohol and tobacco. The harmful effects of these substances are carefully described in age-appropriate graphic segments and live-action scenarios. Viewers are asked to share ideas about other dangerous drugs and why it’s important to avoid them. Each scene also emphasizes the benefits of a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.
What Is Medicine?
In this video, viewers learn that medicines and other substances, like vitamins, can be helpful. At the same time, scenarios clearly illustrate the dangers of using medicines incorrectly. Viewers learn who is allowed to give them medicines, when medicines should be taken and how to take them safely. Viewers are also encouraged to ask permission before touching or tasting any substance, even one that looks like food.
Recommended by the Botvin Life Skills program (NREPP Registry)
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Grades Kindergarten – 3           30 min.           2011            DVD-5150

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