What You Need to Know About Opioids Prescription Painkillers


Opioid drugs act like opium, a drug that comes from the seed pods of certain poppy plants. Also called opiates or narcotics, they are made from opium or created in a lab. Most opioids are used to treat severe and long-term pain. They’re generally safe when taken under a provider’s care and used for a relatively short time. This pamphlet addresses the risks of misusing or abusing these highly addictive drugs.

  • Explains that opioids are strong prescription drugs meant to be taken under a doctor’s care
  • Indicates that opioids are especially addictive
  • Discusses opioid abuse and overdose
  • Cautions that mixing opioids and alcohol is dangerous
  • Describes how these medicines work in the body
  • Answers questions about opioid abuse treatment
  • Discusses the risks of abusing opioids during pregnancy

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