Uppers, Downers, All Arounders: Drugs & Effects


Uppers, Downers, All Arounders: Drugs & Effects is the most comprehensive video on psychoactive drugs. This revised production uses a visually compelling combination of animation, live action, graphics and interviews with addiction experts and particularly recovering users to present a current, wide ranging, nonjudgmental overview of drug use. Current drugs of abuse including “ecstasy,” methamphetamines, marijuana, and inhalants, along with the “legal” drugs (alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and benzodiazepines), are covered. In addition, concepts like hereditary and environmental influences, the physiology of drug use, and levels of use are examined. The video is divided into 17 segments with an imprinted reference time code for ease of use.
Adult             60 min.           2001            DVD-223

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