Twelve: Is There Life After Rehab in Recovery?


Research reveals that by age 12, many of our youth have started experimenting with drugs and alcohol. By age 16, almost twenty percent are drinking and/or using substances to the level of addiction. “TWELVE” is the honest, first person testimonial of surviving those years, and for many, surviving the subsequent years of a misunderstood and debilitating substance abuse battle. “TWELVE” is an emotional, honest and straightforward single story comparing the similarities and problems of so many teens and young adults who firmly believe the life problems and situations they face are theirs and theirs alone where “No one understood” and “No one cared”. Eventually the feelings of, “I was so alone that I just wanted to die” are the only solution. But “TWELVE” shows how they are not alone. It shares deeper discoveries by these individuals who learned how they are in fact not different from others at their age, that they are like all of the other young people who struggle with this disease and that recovery is indeed possible. Most importantly, “TWELVE” simply explains that there is a better life in recovery and that the sacrifices of recovery are worth it! Viewer discretion is advised.
High School – Adult        43 min.       2008       DVD-8810

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