Tobacco and Death: Perfect Together (cc)


Documentary interviews of real people whose lives have been ravaged by tobacco use are intertwined with actual images of diseased lungs, damaged hearts, and various cancers to give viewers a true picture of the effects of tobacco. Real victims deliver a powerful no-use message. This compelling program delivers an unflinching expose on the terrible toll of smoking—one that will linger in the minds of teens long after viewing it. Program opens with riveting photos, transforming a healthy Bryan Curtis into a diseased shadow of his former self. Bryan’s widow tells her emotional story of losing her husband, and the father of their young child, only weeks after his cancer diagnosis. In each case depicted, viewers learn the terrible toll of smoking, chewing tobacco, and secondhand smoke exposure. Leading anti-tobacco experts weigh in with the latest statistics on morbidity and mortality rates, including the rising numbers of deaths of young adults due to tobacco use. In conclusion, real people speak about their own tobacco addictions, or those of beloved family members, and tobacco’s eroding effects on health and family. Armed with a barrage of damaging testimony, pictures, facts and graphics, viewers will be “grossed out” into “tossing out” tobacco.
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Grades 7 – College            20 min.           2007           DVD-3088

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