Time Out on Anger: Learning Self-Control (cc)


Through four dramatic vignettes, students learn the basics of anger management. Easy-to-use tips include stop and think, take deep breaths, count to ten, talk about your feelings and more. Each vignette models ways kids can find alternate solutions to their problems that don’t involve violent or impulsive behavior. Viewers learn how important it is to talk about angry feelings instead of holding them inside, and are encouraged to transform their anger into something productive-by using their angry energy to try harder instead of giving up. Program emphasizes concrete communication skills and conveys a clear message: although it’s okay to have angry feelings, it’s never okay to react with anger by hitting, yelling or breaking things. Students are sure to learn new ways to find healthy, productive solutions to their problems. Teacher’s Resource Book includes activities designed to reinforce the concepts and skills demonstrated in the program.
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Grade level: Kindergarten-grade 5      16 min.    2006     DVD-1770

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Item #: DVD-1770