Think Before You Click: Playing It Safe Online (cc)


While the Internet is a place of promise and progress, it is also a place of peril for young teens. Chat rooms, e-mail, sites such as MySpace, and instant messaging allow teens to keep in touch with friends, but also offer the potential for youngsters to be abused in ways they have not considered. Using real teens in a peer-to-peer format, this video helps teens navigate problems and learn important rules and strategies to keep them safe while surfing the net. Program explores online bullying and rumor spreading, identity theft, blogging and the real threat of sexual predators. Viewers learn to “think before you click” in order to avoid embarrassing yourself or hurting others, while keeping yourself and others safe. Your students will conclude that while the Internet is a fun, exciting place, it is always important to be smart about what you say and whom you befriend online.

Grades 5 – 9            24 min.           2008           DVD-2812

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Item #: DVD-2812