The Totally Disgusting Tobacco Gross Out Video (cc)


As the title suggests, this video goes for the gross-out factor, presenting students with a graphic look at all things vile and disgusting (and there are many!) about using tobacco products. The story revolves around Josie, a middle school student who is preparing a video on the dangers of tobacco use for a health class assignment, despite the disbelieving attitude from her peers – including her boyfriend, Miguel, a smoker himself. As she develops her video project, she shows her friends clips of hairy tongues, yellow teeth, dripping phlegm, oozing tar, diseased lungs, laryngectomies (neck breathers), wrinkled skin, cancerous tumors and more, until they just can’t take it anymore. Not for the fainthearted, this video’s imagery will linger long in students’ minds and remind them to never consider using tobacco products.
Preview a three minute clip here

Grades 5 – 9            18 min.           2007            DVD-3090

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