The Ten Signs of Relationship Abuse (cc)


Combining powerful interviews of battered and verbally abused teens with expert commentary, video delivers key facts about dating abuse. Emotional abuse includes isolation from friends, family, and outside activities; using insulting names or degrading terms; displaying jealousy and possessiveness; controlling a partner’s clothing choices and behavior; using excessive cell phone use to monitor behavior; and threatening self-harm to control behavior. Sexual and physical abuse includes extreme roughhousing; pushing, grabbing, restraining, and other violent behaviors that don’t leave marks or bruises; touching a partner’s body in ways that make him/her feel uncomfortable; and making threats as a means of coercing a partner’s consent to sexual activity. Teen speakers and dating abuse experts offer helpful advice on how teens can get away from potentially unhealthy, dangerous relationships.
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Grades 7 – College       28 min.      2008      DVD-1764

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