The Signs Within: Suicide Prevention Education and Awareness

Law enforcement officers respond to danger and witness tragedy on a routine basis, which can make them vulnerable to a high level of emotional distress, even suicide. But though there is no clear data on the number of officer suicides that occur each year, it is a growing concern within the law enforcement community, which is increasingly interested in addressing it through mental health programs. This document describes a variety of suicide prevention and awareness training programs, refutes some common myths, and provides concepts, resources, and promising practices for law enforcement executives. It also discusses strategies such as peer counseling, mentoring, employee assistance programs, and the use of staff psychologists. In addition, readers will find a checklist, which managerial staff can use to identify signs of stress. Officer suicide is a preventable tragedy, one which can be addressed through training, awareness, and mental health resources. This publication is an excellent place to start.

Product ID: COPS-W0855
Publication Date: 03/20/2018
Author(s): The International Association of Chiefs of Police Center for Officer Safety and Wellness

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