The Secret World of Recovery


Nominated for a SAMHSA 2012 Voice Award, The Secret World of Recovery is the first documentary to show how the progressive journey of recovery is working for people in many stages of recovery and socio economic groups across America. Real people in recovery, along with addiction leaders and family professionals, explain the critical components that go into long-term recovery and what families need to do to heal. Created by filmmakers with a mission to lift the stigma and end the isolation that so many addicts in recovery and their families face. This film sets the stage for a new genre of movies and entertainment that focus not on the dark and hopeless side of addiction, but rather on solution and the positive realities of recovery today. Mother and daughter filmmakers, Leslie and Lindsey Glass, will discuss how one family’s personal story inspired an educational tool that provokes discussion and offers a positive feeling of hope to a wide variety of audiences who need to know that the promises of recovery are real, and recovery is possible as well as a rewarding way of life.
Adult          45 min.          2011        DVD-8790

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