The Power Trip: Bullying in School (cc)


This multidimensional video/DVD and teacher’s guide explores middle school bullying from different perspectives that students will relate to and easily understand. Your students will hear from real teens who experienced bullying first hand as well as from students who have been the aggressors. Special attention is focused on understanding the different kinds of bullying and the differences between how girls and boys bully. Cheryl Dellasega, author of “Surviving Ophelia”, describes relational aggression which is typical of how girls bully. Viewers also experience a workshop led by Dr. Michael R. Carpenter, a bullying prevention trainer, who coaches young teens on how to modify behaviors to achieve peaceful outcomes. Other topics explored include the difference between bullying and teasing, when you should tell an adult about being bullied, what bystanders can do to prevent bullying and how bullied kids can “stand up, step up and speak out” to stop bullying.

Grades 5 – 9    21 min.      2007        DVD-2091

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