The Myths of Marijuana Debunked (cc)


Marijuana is not addictive. It doesn’t harm the body. It doesn’t harm the brain. Marijuana doesn’t impair driving or negatively impact teens’ futures. There’s no connection between marijuana use and unhealthy risk taking. These statements are just plain wrong – yet many kids believe they are true. The program forcefully debunks these misconceptions with the latest facts, science and statistics to prove the deadly danger of marijuana use. This high impact video will turn kids’ heads and lead them to seriously question marijuana use as something “fun, harmless and natural.” Juxtaposing commentary from real kids with real ex-users intercut with fast-paced narration, this video drives home the message that marijuana is a dangerous drug. Along with the follow-up print materials, this program delivers a strong no-use message.
Grades 7 – College              21 min.             2007              DVD-5650

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