The Listening Heart


The Listening Heart is the story of four families, all of whom adopted a child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Unlike any other film produced about FAS, The Listening Heart utilizes the voices of the children and parents to tell their stories about how FAS has affected their lives. Each family’s story focuses on a different aspect of FAS, ranging from the behavioral difficulties to the learning disabilities and social problems that affect the children’s everyday functioning. Because The Listening Heart was originally produced as an educational documentary for professionals, teachers, and adoptive parents, it utilizes interviews with medical experts who navigate through the information provided by the parents’ testimonials, and, using hands-on methods, offer solutions and techniques to dealing with the issues of FAS. The Listening Heart is a simply told story of both the harsh realities of living with a disability and the hope that endures through the love and selflessness of dedicated parents. It is a tale of fostering children’s strengths and embracing patience while battling a devastating disease that cannot be cured. The Listening Heart both teaches and compels; it is one of those rare films that has the potential to change lives.

High School – Adult           37 min.          2004     DVD-2520

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