The Latest about HIV and AIDS: What Every Student Still Needs to Know


There is still no cure for AIDS, and teens and people in their 20s account for most of the new cases of HIV infection. Using crisp animations, the program clearly details how HIV invades CD4 cells and weakens the body’s immune system and can lead to AIDS. Program debunks myths about how the virus is transmitted and identifies those behaviors that do—and do not—put people at risk of HIV infection. Program reviews the most recent information on HIV testing and stresses the importance of treatment for protecting your health and the health of others. A variety of HIV-positive people describe how they got infected, why they got tested and how their lives have been affected by the virus. A separate, optional segment on the DVD includes two short, condom demonstrations: one for the male condom (four minutes) and one for the female condom (four minutes). You may choose whether or not to show them, depending on your school’s HIV curriculum and community standards.
Grades 7-College  24 min.   2012    DVD-5037

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Item #: DVD-5037