The Last Fix: an Addict’s Passage from Hell to Hope


A compelling journey with convicted drug offenders who opt for a tough and pioneering drug court on the East End of Long Island rather than prison. Three stories tell of drug-ravaged addicts thrown a lifeline out of crime and jail into treatment and recovery. The film reveals an intimate look into wrecked lives and the staggering costs that lead to crimes of prostitution, robbery, and theft to pay street dealers.
The documentary captures the drama of Dave, a 54-year old master plumber and father who lost his child & business and plummeted into a $3000 a week habit; Jacquie, a 45-year old world-class martial arts champion and mother whose career and family are torn apart; Matt, an 18-year old high school student with a promising art career who took to the streets and a life of crime.
The Last Fix is a passage from hell to hope, the struggle to stay clean in drug court and the joyous victory celebrations at graduation.The Last Fix shines a spotlight on alternative sentencing, a seismic shift in the criminal justice system that embraces treatment over punishment.
Adult          69 min.          2011         DVD-8600

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