The Healing Years (cc)


THE HEALING YEARS is a documentary taking a bold look at the profound effects of child sexual abuse on individuals, families and society, and the importance of recovery as a key to ending the cycle of abuse. The program profiles three women survivors of incest from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds – Marilyn Van Derbur, former Miss America; Janice Mirikitani, President of San Francisco’s renowned Glide Memorial Church; and Barbara Hamilton, a 78-year old survivor. These women bear witness to the emotional dysfunction, addiction, perpetuation of abuse, and detrimental impact this crime has on families and society. Yet, the program is ultimately inspiring as we witness their recovery from victims to empowered women, ending the cycle of child sexual abuse in our families or communities where incest and abuse is widely prevalent.

High School – Adult         52 min.       1999       DVD-8450

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