The Clinical Diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome


FAS is the most common known cause of mental deficiency. It is a subject of serious concern to government health agencies and health care professionals throughout the country. The video has been designed to give health care professionals: SHARPENED DIAGNOSTIC SKILLS – Each diagnostic feature is displayed and described in detail. Using the information on this video, health care professionals will be able to easily determine which children with behavioral problems have FAS. DECREASED LIABILITY EXPOSURE – Because the diagnostic protocols and measruement techniques described on the video are easy to utilize, the opportunity for missed and misdiagnoses will be reduced. The video utilizes diagnostic images of more than a dozen FAS patients. ENHANCED PATIENT AND CLIENT SERVICE – The methods and procedures explained on the video allow the health care professional to discriminate between FAS and other causes of growth retardation/mental deficit.
Adult            31 min.           1994            V-4032

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