The Case of Cool Al: A Johnny Clue Mystery (cc)


A mystery adventure designed to teach young viewers about the dangers of alcohol. Kids, have no fear, ace detective Johnny Clue is on the case of evil dude “Cool Al”. When Johnny uncovers unmistakable evidence that bad things are happening to the kids hanging out with Cool Al, his investigation goes into high gear. He uncovers evidence of the crime– kids drinking alcohol, having memory problems, and even blackouts. More compelling evidence is provided by Stella Sparks, a scientist who specializes in studying the damage alcohol causes to kids’ developing brains. Also on the case is Detective Filbert, a cop who provides all the legal facts kids need to know about underage drinking. In the climactic ending, Johnny Clue unmasks Cool Al at a big bash where all the kids discover that drinking alcohol is uncool, illegal, and really bad for your brain.
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Grades 3-6            13 min.          2009           DVD-4204

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Item #: DVD-4204