The “Are You a Bully?” Test (cc)


Many people may be bullies and not even know it. This program challenges students to think about their own behavior with a series of seven questions about physical, verbal, and exclusionary bullying. Questions include: Have you ever punched, shoved, or hit another boy or girl? Do you ever make fun of or tease other students or call them mean names? Do you often make fun of others because they are “different” from you or your friends? Have you purposely not invited someone to hang out with you and your friends? Do you gossip about other people or spread rumors via text messages or through social network sites? After each question students describe their own experiences as victims and perpetrators of bullying. Their stories and comments by Joel Haber, a leading bullying expert, show how bullying hurts both the person being bullied and the bullies themselves.
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2013 ALSC Children’s Notable Video list
Bronze Telly Award

DVD contains Spanish subtitles.

Grades 5-9    23 min.   2011    DVD-2076

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