That’s So Rude! 10 Rules of Common Courtesy (cc)


Teens deserve a school climate that is safe, respectful and friendly. This program presents strategies to teach and reinforce civility and common courtesy in and out of school. Scenarios range from classroom behavior to cyberspace etiquette, use of cell phones, interrupting, wise-cracking, public behavior and language, courtesy to teachers, and respect for people and property. Using dramatic vignettes, viewers learn to identify rude behavior and stop it. Viewers also learn strategies for interacting with teachers, parents and all adults to encourage positive, comfortable outcomes. As students become more conscious of the negative impact of rude behavior on both themselves and others, they see that using good manners demonstrates self control and maturity. Give your middle school students a clear understanding of how treating others with kindness and respect are a source of personal power and self-esteem, as well as the right thing to do.

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Grades 5 – 9         18 min.        2006       DVD-2809

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