Teen Truth: An Inside Look at Drug and Alcohol Abuse (cc)


This compelling video, much of it shot by teens themselves, weaves together footage of real drug addicts in recovery, with teens who have casually experimented with drugs and alcohol. The program incorporates driving music, memorable graphics and raw imagery to contrast the addicts’ life threatening addiction with the dangerous path that casual young drug users are unwittingly pursuing. The addicts’ emotional stories provide sobering proof of how drug and alcohol experimentation can lead to drug dependence and broken futures. The result is an explosive, thought-provoking journey that will inspire viewers to seriously consider the consequences of their decisions. Throughout the video, a repeating graphic challenges students with this question: “What are you willing to lose?” This film contains scenes depicting illicit drug use and graphic images. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.
Preview a three minute clip: here

Grades 7 – College              21 min.             2007             DVD-4198

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Item #: DVD-4198