Teen Truth: An Inside Look at Bullying and School Violence (cc)


This multi-faceted production weaves together several dramatic strands, creating a unique and candid view of how bullying directly correlates to the rise of school violence in schools. In one strand, viewers follow a fictionalized story of a confused teenager toting a backpack as he rides a bus to school. Through his narration we learn of his inner frustrations and it becomes increasing clear that he is armed and prepared to use his concealed weapon. In another strand, we see and hear the voices and pictures of real teens videotaping and questioning their own peers about the devastating effects of bullying and violence in and around their schools. Viewers experience the Columbine disaster, through live voice recordings of parents, teachers and students talking to 911 operators as the disaster occurred. Finally, viewers hear from experts and students about the best ways to combat bullying and school violence while the story of the armed young man riding the bus takes a surprising twist. A detailed teacher’s resource book provides activities, work sheets, fact sheets and resources to aid in the struggle to stop bullying and school violence.

Grades 7-12      24 min.       2006       DVD-2798


Item #: DVD-2798