Teen Files Flipped: Tobacco (cc)


Following the award-winning uncompromising Teen Files series comes another in-your-face- series geared to teens: The Teen Files Flipped. In this program, The Teen Files Flipped: Tobacco we explore the themes of addiction and the dangers of tobacco through the lives of two ambitious teenagers. Kyle, a self-proclaimed “nicotine freak” dependent on smokeless tobacco, hopes to become a professional baseball player, while Ashlee, a chronic cigarette smoker, hopes to make it as an actress in Hollywood. Each of them is unconcerned about their virulent habit, declaring themselves to be “invincible”. For 24 hours, reality is controlled and belief is suspended as these two teenagers find their worlds upended and “flipped”. Believing they’ve won an opportunity to live out their fantasies, they instead discover the destructive realities of tobacco as they watch their lives go up in smoke. This reality-based program brings a new twist to teaching students about the dangers of tobacco. An Arnold Shapiro/Allison Grodner Production.
High School              21 min.             2002              DVD-3087

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