TARGETED! How Alcohol and Tobacco Companies Try to Get You Hooked (cc)


The tobacco and alcohol industries are famous for their attempts to target teenagers, most of whom are too young to legally purchase their addictive products. By targeting young audiences, these industries hope to recruit a new generation of faithful customers, despite the potential harm that their products may cause. This video explores the phenomenon of targeting young consumers, and will surely be an eye opener for students who may prefer to think that they’re not being manipulated by ads and media images. Whether they’re selling cigarettes or alco-pops, these industries are intent on convincing vulnerable teen consumers to risk their health and future by experimenting with these addictive and potentially deadly products. Targeted! unveils some of the most common “tricks of the trade” that tobacco and alcohol companies use to market their products. Follow-up activities in the Teacher’s Resource Book will lead students into a further exploration of the tricky realm of alcohol and tobacco marketing strategies.
Recommended resource for the Botvin LifeSkills Training program (NREPP Registry)
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Grades 7 – College                24 min.              2004                  DVD-3084

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