Surviving Peer Pressure: You Can Do It! (cc)


For teens and pre-teens, staying true to oneself can be a tough act to pull off. This program, presented in a drama format, presents five scenarios where teens are asked to make critical decisions in typical peer pressure situations – whether to raid a liquor cabinet when the parents are not home, teasing and bullying a vulnerable kid out of sight of teachers and parents, excluding a girl from their regular lunch table, being pressured to shoplift in a local mall and being tempted to cheat on an exam because other teens got advance copies of the test. In each scenario, the action stops at a critical juncture and students review six steps to making the right choice: listen to your inner voice, what would you do if you were alone, take a time out, imagine your parents are watching you, is it against the law and finally, is it worth the risk?
Watch a three minute clip: here

Grades 5 – 9        22 min.        2006        DVD-2760

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