Sudden Impact: After the Crash


This story is a cautionary tale. There are more deaths from drunk driving crashes on New Year’s Day than on any other day of the year. When they are reported, the journalistic shorthand often goes something like this: “One dead, four injured in car crash. Drunk driving suspected.” And then that’s the end of it, a story briefly reported and quickly forgotten. But we wondered, what happens after the news coverage stops? How do the victims and their families fare? What is the emotional toll? What are their financial costs? A little more than two years ago, we started tracking one such case. As you’re about to see, “One dead, four injured” doesn’t even begin to tell the story about the trauma to the victims, or as we discovered, to our surprise, how much all the rest of us pay.

Grades 7 – College            43 min.           2004           DVD-4128

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Item #: DVD-4128