Stopping the Pain: Teenage Self-Injury (cc)


The number of adolescents who participate in acts of self-injury is growing exponentially. The forms and severity of self-injury can vary, although the most commonly-seen behaviors are cutting, burning, and head-banging. At the core of the behavior is the overwhelming need for relief from extreme tension or anxiety, or overwhelmingly painful feelings. In this program, several teens describe what led them to self-injury, how they got help, and how they found healthy ways to deal with their problems. Identifies some of the reasons why young people self-injure: to punish themselves for not being “perfect”, to relieve emotional stress, to feel less numb, and to feel in control when everything else in their lives seems out-of-control. Emphasizes that it is possible for self-injurers to address their problems in more healthy ways and to learn coping skills. Advises viewers on how they can help friends or classmates who self-injure.

Grades 7 – College     20 min.     2009    DVD-1762

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