Stepping Up to Life Skills


Stepping Up to Life Skills, the fourth installment in the series, Stepping On Up, instills the fundamental life skills students need in a warm-hearted skit performed by Michael Pritchard and our lovable puppet characters. Our problem-solving format sparks student discussion in guided brain-storming sessions with Michael bringing his trademark insight and caring humor to the research-based solutions. This program includes 4 lessons, each with two video segments plus a problem-solving leader’s guide which provides detailed questions for a scripted discussion, as well as follow-up activities.

Lesson #4 – Choosing to Do Your Best: This capstone program explores the intellectual and emotional skills essential for doing your best and achieving success. Dieter and Zazi learn that they can mange their time, develop good study habits, apply themselves to difficult challenges and learn new material in exciting and fun ways.

Grades 3-6      50 mins       2011        DVD-2753 v.4


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