Stepping Up to Cyber Bullying & Web Safety, v.2


This groundbreaking program prepares elementary school students for the complex, confusing and often dangerous world of the internet. When our lovable puppet characters decide to explore the web with abandon, they learn how quickly they can stumble onto sites that are inappropriate and disturbing. Cyber bullying has become an unfortunate fact of life in the digital world and this important program helps students and school communities take positive steps to stop it. Rumors and gossip are a hurtful part of pre-teen and teen culture and are often used by bullies to harass and isolate their victims. The power of the internet and the prevalence of mobile devices greatly speed and broaden the delivery of these damaging messages. This critical program explores the perplexing dualities of digital technologies: their power to intensely magnify both the positive and negative aspects of the human heart.

Michael Pritchard’s Stepping On Up Series

Grades 3-6    50 min.   2011    DVD-2753 v.2

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Item#: DVD-2753-v2