Stepping Up to Bullying, v.1


This critical program identifies and defines bullying behaviors and provides students with practical strategies for confronting bullies safely and effectively. This essential program brings students to the key understanding that every act of bullying involves three participants: the bully, the victim and the bystander. A key to bully-free schools is an inclusive school culture which does not allow bullies to prey on isolated victims. This program focuses on thoughtless and cruel social dynamics that allow students to be stigmatized, isolated and eventually preyed on. To effectively combat bullying the entire school community must be engaged. This program explores ways to build a school-wide response to bullying and provides a range of activities for a student-centered campaign to prevent bullying and create a more positive school culture.

Michael Pritchard’s Stepping on Up Series

Grades 3-6     47 min.    2011     DVD-2753 v.1

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Item#: DVD-2753-v.1