Seeking Safety: A Model for Trauma and/or Substance Abuse (4 video series)


Seeking Safety Training, v. 1
A 2-hour training video by Lisa Najavits, including clips from real clients and clinicians. The training is a 2-hour version of her standard initial training on Seeking Safety, including background on trauma/PTSD and substance abuse; overview of Seeking Safety; implementation; studies; and frequently-asked questions.
Adult    113 min   2005   DVD

Example of a Group Session: Asking for Help, v. 2
A 1-hour video of Lisa Najavits conducting a group session (unscripted) with real clients. The session uses the topic “Asking for Help” from the Seeking Safety book.
Adult   61 min   2005   DVD

A Client’s Story/Teaching Grounding. v. 3
A 20-minute video in which a man describes the impact of sexual abuse and addiction, and his attempts to obtain treatment. This client volunteered to share his story for this video. Please note that the experiences he describes include graphic details of trauma and substance abuse, and may be disturbing.
Example of Teaching Grounding to a Client. A 16-minute example of teaching a real client the skill of “grounding” using the script from the Seeking Safety manual.
Adult   36 min   2005   DVD

Adherence Rating Session: Healthy Relationships, v. 4
A 1-hour video of a clinician conducting a group session with real clients, unscripted. The session uses the topic “Healthy Relationships” from the Seeking Safety book. The session was designed to show both good and poor elements.

Adult   55 min   2005   DVD-7790

Accompanying Guide is item TCB775

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