Relapse Prevention Skills: Helping Clients Address High-Risk Factors


According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the urge to use drugs or alcohol can be triggered by many factors, including work-related stress, family problems, psychiatric illness, physical pain, and social or environmental triggers. Any one of these risk factors can set off a relapse.

Adapted from Hazelden’s Complete Relapse Prevention Skills Program and based on G. Alan Marlatt’s evidence-based protocols, this version has been condensed and reformatted to help clinicians more effectively present strategies for preventing relapse. Relapse Prevention Skills includes a CD-ROM of reproducible content, allowing clinicians to customize a program based on a client’s unique profile of critical risk factors. A DVD also is included, demonstrating successful ways of addressing the common critical risk factors that are covered in the facilitator’s guide and client worksheets on the CD-ROM.

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