Recovering Nation: Religion & The Struggle Against Addiction


RECOVERING NATION is a DVD that explores the complex relationship between addiction and religion, while illuminating the hidden Americans who deftly navigate successful careers while under the influence of narcotics, alcohol and illegal substances. The documentary unravels common misconceptions through stirring firsthand accounts of professionals who protect careers while their personal lives spiral out of control. Included are a freshman congressman whose blackouts landed him behind bars, a physician practicing medicine on narcotics, even an NFL football star who snorted cocaine between plays at the Super Bowl. Providing insight and invaluable information for community leaders and clergy are some of the nation’s leading medical luminaries, addiction experts and religious leaders: Bishop Katherine Jefforts Schori, Congressman Jim Ramstad, Professor Charles O’Brien, Dr. David Lewis, Bishop Gregory Mansour, Father Mark Hushen, Dr. Barbara Krantz, Douglas Tieman, Reverend Robert Baggott, Dr. Joseph Troncale, Reverend Daniel Aleshire, and many others. About half of all U.S. emergency room visits are addiction related, so the staggering societal and individual consequences are obvious. Yet those struggling with the devastation of this illness often receive little if any help. In fact their plight is generally shunned by a society that too often links addictive behavior to weakness of character. Even in the wake of studies that illuminate the genetic underpinnings of the disease, addicts are often labeled as complicit, because “no one put a gun to their head” and forced them into substance abuse. This sentiment can be especially pervasive in religious settings, where a lack of knowledge of the disease and its progression often leads clergy to equate addictive behavior with moral failure. Recovering Nation extinguishes these stereotypes with new and deeply revealing insights.

Adult         60 min.         2009        DVD-7730

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