Rape: Get the Facts (cc)


This documentary-style program presents the legal, medical, psychological and sociological facts about rape. Doctors, judges, social workers, detectives, victims’ rights advocates, self-esteem experts, and rape survivors all contribute information, perspective, and analysis of this all-too-common crime. Among the compelling facts: an act of rape or sexual assault occurs in our nation nearly once every two minutes. More than half of all rape victims are under the age of 18. Most sexual assaults are NOT committed by strangers, but by someone whom the victim knows. This video explains that “date rape” is just as much a crime as other sexual assaults. Information is provided about the links between drugs, alcohol, and rape. Specific, practical guidelines for how to protect against rape and date rape are presented. Law enforcement professionals, medical personnel and psychologists take viewers on a step-by-step investigation of where, how and why rape occurs with the goal of informing viewers of the risks and providing strategies to avoid rape. Students will meet a woman whose unbelievable act of bravery put one rapist behind bars for good. And, a former NFL Quarterback now teaches young men a whole new set of attitudes about themselves and about their behavior towards women. This program is a must-see for all high school students.
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Grades 7-College       20 min.        2005     DVD-1725


Item #: DVD-1725