Promising Practices for Helping Drug Endangered Children


The numerous state, tribal, and provincial DEC alliances, which form the cornerstone of the drug endangered children effort, have developed programs that uniquely fit the needs of their community members and their local DEC initiatives. These programs are structured around the state, tribe, or province’s legislative statutes, drug trends, and partnerships. Even though no two DEC alliances are exactly alike, they have many similarities, including a working partnership with National DEC, marketing strategies and branding, DEC conferences, and the delivery of DEC training. To help further the DEC mission, this guide shares promising practices that state, tribal, and provincial DEC alliance leaders are using as they strengthen their DEC organizations and resources. Thus, this guide is meant to help connect other state, tribal, and provincial DEC leaders as well as other professionals in the field so they can leverage resources and take advantage of developed tools to strengthen their DEC organizations and DEC efforts.

First published 2014, revised 2017.

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