Play It Safe: Strategies for a Safe School Environment (cc)


This video uses dramatic vignettes, real person interviews and teen hosts to help teach students that they are active players in creating a safe school environment. There are many subtle and often overlooked issues that make up a school’s climate-gossiping, taunting, ignoring, labeling, isolating, teasing, intolerance, bullying, excluding-all can create an unhealthy atmosphere. While one act may not seem significant, the cumulative effects can be devastating. Viewers learn how important it is to refrain from negative behaviors, whether in school or on the Internet. Presents The Five Safe School Strategies: Stay Alert, Identify Risks, Speak Up, Be Considerate and Participate. Viewers also learn how to use their influence to encourage peers to follow these strategies. Often peers are aware of potential school violence and need to act responsibly and seriously when threats are made openly or off-handedly. Students will understand that they have significant ownership in a positive and safe school environment.

Grades 5 – 9         20 min.        2008        DVD-2650

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