Pinkwashed Drinks: Problems & Dangers


Pink ribbon campaigns for breast cancer awareness are an industry unto themselves, with hundreds, even thousands of products including clothes, cosmetics, food, and beverages. Some companies market pink ribbon products while producing and/or selling products associated with breast cancer – an activity coined by Breast Cancer Action as pinkwashing. As alcohol is a known and avoidable contributing factor for breast cancer, we sought to explore the existence of pinkwashed alcohol products.

Our study found campaigns for pink ribbon alcohol products, and some breast cancer charities in promotional philanthropic relationships with alcohol corporations. We documented and analyzed examples of alcohol products developed for, and marketed with, pink ribbon and breast cancer awareness campaigns. Our results included promotional materials for 17 brands of various pinkwashed alcohol: flavored malt beverages, beer, wine, and spirits.

Publisher: Alcohol Justice

Published: 2015 (4 pages)

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