Party Smart: Avoiding Party Meltdowns


This hard-hitting video profiles real kids and real parties that have spiraled out-of-control to teach viewers how to prevent party disasters. Whether it’s throwing a party or attending one, excitement, anticipation, peer pressure and poor planning can often get in the way of a teenager’s ability to make safe, smart decisions. Viewers listen and learn from teens, parents, prom promoters and law enforcement personnel. The lethal combination of unsupervised parties, alcohol, drugs, and in some cases, weapons, too often results in serious injury, property damage, arrests, and lawsuits. The second half of the program teaches SMART strategies to help teens plan safe celebrations. A SMART strategy is detailed.

Stay Safe: Don’t have or go to parties where there are drugs, alcohol or weapons.
Make a Plan: Make a plan with parents, be sure they have all the information they need to have about the party you’re throwing or the party you’re going to.
Ask Questions: Make sure you know the Who, What, When, Where and Why of the party.
Respect the Rules: Decide what the house rules will be for your party or know the house rules of the party you’re going to and respect them.
Think Fun: Be creative and have fun. That’s the point!

Grades 7 – College                     20 min.              2004                  DVD-4149


Item #: DVD-4149