Operation Prevention: Workplace Module Guide


Across the United States, 75% of employers report negative impacts in the workplace due to opioid misuse. Yet, only 17% feel prepared to address the growing issue. Acknowledging the reality of opioid misuse in the workplace is a productive step for any business, and a benefit to every community.

To help address the issue, the Drug Enforcement Administration partnered with Discovery Education to create Operation Prevention–an award-winning, nationwide program educating students, families, and professionals about the science behind addiction while promoting lifesaving discussions in the home, classroom, and workplace.

The new interactive four-part workplace module series builds on the success of Operation Prevention in homes and schools by providing workplaces across the United States with no-cost, self-paced resources focused on treatment seeking activities, resource location, effective communication, and more.

Publisher: U.S. Department of Justice/Discovery Education

Published: 2020 (11 pages)

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