Nobody’s Perfect: Learning Self-Acceptance (cc)


Caught up trying to fit in and please others, students often engage in harsh self-judgment and self-blame that can negatively affect their health, school work, behavior and happiness. Using creative visual imagery, as well as listening to and learning from real middle-school students, program models the path to self-acceptance. Video immediately captures students’ attention as a humorous teen presenter declares, “I’m perfect.” The screen then fills up with images of the same teen representing his strengths and weaknesses. It soon becomes clear that the presenter, as well as each of us, comes with personal assets and liabilities, and that all of us are imperfect. Discusses key issues of self-acceptance including: What is self-acceptance? Why do we look for perfection in ourselves? How does the media influence our self perception? How do our peers influence the way we think about ourselves? What steps can we take to get to know ourselves better and appreciate ourselves warts and all?

Preview a three minute clip: here

Grades 5-9           23 min.           2009           DVD-2605

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