No Name Calling: Creating Safe Environments (cc)


This energetic video is sure to grab your students’ attention as it explores the important topic of name-calling. Experts agree that bullying and harassment in school usually starts with name-calling. Name-calling can be especially tough on younger students whose self-esteem development is at a critical phase. No Name-Calling demonstrates the damage that can be done when kids are targeted by hurtful words like “fatso,” “retard,” “faggot,” and “bean pole.” Viewers will follow a classroom of real students as they work on inaugurating a “No Name-Calling” week at their school. Interviews with real kids are interspersed with dramatic vignettes that model name-calling scenarios which many viewers will recognize. The video clearly states why this kind of harassment is unfair, painful and perhaps even illegal. Additionally, the video offers constructive ways for creating a positive school environment where everyone will feel safe and free to learn. Accompanied by a Teacher’s Resource Book filled with thought-provoking worksheets to help reinforce the lessons for students.

Middle School       27 min.        2004       DVD-2600

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