No Ifs, Ands, or Butts: Smoking Kills (cc)


Hairy tongue, head and neck cancers, lung cancer, tar, phlegm, bad breath, yellow teeth, wrinkled skin, people with laryngectomies and many other sights and sounds are presented in this definite look at the ravages of tobacco. Teen viewers discover that they are prime targets of tobacco related diseases. Video introduces viewers to young victims such as 20 year old Brandon Carmichael who lost half of his leg due to tobacco related disease and his inability to quit smoking. Program also alerts teen to the newest tobacco dangers of herbal cigarettes and bidis that attract teens with special packaging that makes this product look appealing. After viewing this video, students will come away with a lasting impression that tobacco use only leads to death and disease.
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Grades 7 – College            24 min.           2002           DVD-3073

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Item #: DVD3073