Natural Highs and the Truth about So-Called “Natural” Drugs (cc)


Experiencing a “natural” high from sports, music, meditation, or just plain laughter, is one of the joys of human existence. This program describes the role of the brain’s reward pathways and how neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins influence feelings of pleasure. It tackles the issue of using so-called “natural” drugs like marijuana and peyote. Too many teens think that because these drugs are plant based, they are safe, when in fact using these drugs may irreparably harm the teenage brain. Inside a neuroscientist’s lab, viewers see how these drugs can cause a surge of dopamine and actually change the natural chemistry of the brain, causing toxicity, addiction, behavior changes, and memory loss. Case studies of real teens contrast the experiences of teens that have learned to experience “highs” from healthy pursuits versus recovering marijuana addicts to reinforce the message.
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Grades 7 – College                  18 min.              2007              DVD-5064

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