Narcotic Misconceptions – A Video of Weymouth MA


Narcotic Misconceptions, a new documentary about opiate addiction in Weymouth, MA and across the South Shore. While the town is still dealing with devastating addiction problems, filmmaker Nick Martel sorts through the complex struggle of addiction and shows how communities can work together to fight and prevent OxyContin and heroin abuse. The film features interviews with doctors and public officials about the physical and social cost of addiction, as well as reflections from parents who’ve dealt with their childrens’ struggle, and a woman who had been in the throes of addiction while living in Weymouth. Like the documentary itself, the stories are honest and straightforward. One of the most powerful messages? The stigma attached to addicts and their families is fueling the problem by keeping it in the dark.
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High School/Adult   82:39 min.   2012     DVD-8690

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