Methamphetamine: the Rush to Crash


This video examines all aspects of methamphetamines, synthetic stimulant drugs also known as “meth,” “speed,” “crystal,” and “crank.” It covers history, pharmacology, and methods of use. It looks at the desired and undesired effects of these drugs, including the physical/mental “rush” and the “crash.” It details the substantial impact of these drugs on the energy supply, the reward/pleasure center of the brain, and the cardiovascular system. At the same time, the video explains the mental impact of methamphetamines, including sections on tweaking, anger and violence, and paranoia and drug-induced psychoses. The video also contains valuable information on the long-term physical and psychological effects of the drug – malnutrition, skill deterioration, and exaggeration of mental illnesses. The other problems associated with excess or long-term uses are looked at – overdosing, AIDS, fetal effects, and polydrug abuse. Finally, the film looks at the path from experimentation to addiction to treatment and finally to recovery. Through the use of animation, graphics, live action, and interviews with experts and recovering users, the video shows why “meth” use has increased so dramatically in the last few years, and identifies the side effects caused by this powerful stimulant.
High School – Adult              28 min.             1997              VHS

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