Methamphetamine: New Knowledge, New Treatments


Finding the time and funds to attend conferences or to earn continuing education contact hours isn’t always possible. The Hazelden Clinical Innovators Series makes it easier for you. With all the information available about meth addiction and treatment, separating myths from reality can be difficult. Where do you start? With solid, believable, proven information from an industry leader. Richard Rawson of UCLA has conducted research and developed treatment systems for substance abuse for over 20 years. He examines in detail the latest research on meth use and brain imaging. He also discusses promising treatment strategies, resources for treatment providers, and the prospects of effective medications. You’ll learn: Why an addict’s cravings for meth are stronger than cravings for basic survival needs such as food; The reasons behind the “meth is untreatable” perception; Why contingency management–positive reinforcement for positive behavior – can help sustain abstinence; Which treatment protocols work – and which don’t
Adult              65 min.             2005              DVD-7532

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