Medios y remedios: La alfabetizacion de los medios de communicacion para la salud


Medios y remedios is a new Spanish-language media literacy CD-ROM addressing six key issues affecting the health of young people today. Designed to be used in classrooms, family discussions and other group settings, the CD-ROM helps teens become more critical consumers of media, so they can make more informed choices about their health. Medios y remedios examines media messages about tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, nutrition, physical activity, relationships and sexuality, and violence. It features 66 Spanish-language media examples from magazines, television shows and movies. Questions & answers accompany each media example, highlighting the explicit and implied messages, the persuasion techniques used, and how the media example might influence a young person’s health decisions. The CD-ROM is compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
High School – Adult            No time listed.            2002            CD-8022

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