Lifestyle Diseases And How To Avoid Them


The decisions teenagers make about diet, exercise, smoking, and alcohol have an immediate impact on their health. Teens assume they are too young to get cancer, diabetes, chronic lung diseases, or other lifestyle diseases. But, in fact, the choices teens make can damage their health now and in the future. Program profiles overweight teens with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and other problems. Shows how teen smokers are at greater risk for cancer and chronic lung disease and often already suffer respiratory problems impacting daily life. Also profiles a teen alcoholic to understand the impact of alcoholism on a teen’s physical and emotional well-being. Identifies healthy behaviors and urges teens to make smart choices to improve health now and in the future. Emphasizes these keys to health: stop smoking, avoid alcohol, eat a balanced diet, avoid stress and get enough sleep.
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Grades 7-College         20 min.          2009         DVD-3005

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